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Hermitage is a historic area of Nashville with many sights to see. Ranking as one of the most popular things to do in Hermitage is visiting Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. After Andrew Jackson and his wife, Rachel married, they chose to reside in Nashville, TN. Jackson invested in many failed plantations until he discovered the 425 acre farm, which is now known as The Hermitage. Shortly after moving to the Hermitage, Jackson founded a riverfront enterprise in the area. Here, Jackson ran and operated a general store, a tavern, and lastly, tracks for racing horses. Jackson continued to add land and focus on the Hermitage for years and years. Prior to remodeling, the Hermitage mansion was a brick, Federal-style house that was built between 1819 and 1821. However, during the time that Andrew Jackson was serving the presidency, the mansion underwent major renovation. After a fire, The Hermitage was quickly transformed into a Greek temple, featuring six, two story columns as well as Corinthian capitals all along the front porch. The Hermitage mansion was quickly known as the most fashionable mansion in Tennessee! Visited by approximately 17 million guests per year, The Hermitage Mansion is definitely a hot spot in the area.

Old Hickory is one of our favorite spots in town, with tons of hidden local gems to check out. Head to Live Truly Vintage, a spot that stars adore. Full of organized vintage picks, you can find anything here. We suggest graphic tees, kids clothes and vintage pieces like picnic baskets and more. Head around the corner and stop into Lewis Cacti Co. You’ll be immediately enveloped in plants. There’s a reason this is our fav plant shop in town: you can bring your own pot and they’ll plant your plants for you, the receipts show exactly when you should water everything you bought (and any other care instructions), and more. They even added a pet friendly plant area, so you can purchase a plant that will be safe for the whole household. This strip has other vintage shops, perfect spots to grab little gifts, and even a cute hair salon to get your hair cut or colored in style. Before you leave the area, stop by Sam’s Sports Grill and enjoy a meal on the water. We recommend checking it out at sunset – grab one of their famous bushwackers and enjoy.

. For those who love a peaceful, serene day with beautiful rolling hills and plains, then I think you hit the jackpot here! If you are someone who needs land and space, this is also a perfect option. WIth tons of room for families, children, and pets, Hermitage area has you covered! History lovers, simple life folks, and nature gurus, pack your bags and head to Hermitage!   Doesn’t mention Donelson. Only 462 words