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Cassie Coss
Our Team Member

Name: Cassie Coss
Mobile #: 6159688342
Email: [email protected]
Hometown: Wichita Falls, Texas
Instagram: @casscassleigha
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cassiecoss/
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Favorite Nashville restaurant(s): The Loveless Cafe, Rosepepper Cantina, Otaku Ramen, Elliston Place Soda Shop, Oscar’s Taco Shop, Koi Sushi
Part of Town You Reside In: Bellevue

Any pets?:

I have a three legged beast named Sunny. She’s an Australian cattle dog. Don’t feel bad for her, she still runs like the wind and beats me at tug-of-war!!

What do you love about being a Consultant at Apartment Insiders?

Being a Consultant at Apartment Insiders has really enabled me to immerse myself completely in every part of this incredible city. The relationships that I have made so far have been very meaningful to me and I think it is so valuable to meet people with different perspectives. Every part of Nashville is unique and I’m lucky to be able to dive into every neighborhood, get to know its people, and enjoy the vast and unique local businesses of every area.

What do you love about the culture at Apartment Insiders?:

I love that I can have full trust in my team and that we all have each other’s backs. Everyone is so smart and so caring- we all do what we do for the right reasons and truly believe in the services that we offer. It is a very collaborative environment and we all want everyone to win 100% of the time!

Favorite Nashville activity:

It’s too hard to pick one! All of the food is so so so good. I also enjoy kayaking on the lakes. The Game Terminal is definitely one of my favorite spots too!

Favorite Thing About Living in Nashville:

The scenery and the history behind it all. There’s so much green here and in between all the green is an incredible amount of heritage. A beautifully serene combination.

What’s at least one professional and/or educational accomplishment you’ve had?

I’ve marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade three times! Going from a high school band room in a small town to the streets of New York City was a life changing experience that showed me that my dreams are within my reach and I can do unbelievable things if I put in the work.

Who are you or what do you do outside of work?

I am an instrumentalist, private lessons instructor for brass, music producer, and dog mom. Exploring is my favorite thing to do whether it be in the city or through trails in the mountains. During my relaxation time I game quite a bit. Classic arcades are the best! I also LOVE to kayak!

Is there something people might be surprised to know about you?

I’m a gamer. My favorite game is Terraria!

What are some of your key personal values and how do they affect your work?

A huge belief of mine is that you should always appreciate the little things in life. I value the journey more than the destination and this plays a huge role in how I operate on a professional level. Things like apartment hunting can be very stressful at first glance, but I believe it should be a seamless and enjoyable process. I love being a part of such a huge decision in someone’s life and I want to make it enjoyable and memorable by bringing light and fun to every part of the process.

Favorite food/drink:

Food in general makes me very happy, but I can never turn down a charcuterie board. Cheese is awesome. My drink of choice is Rumpleminze.

Favorite Band/Music Artist:

Adam Young is my all-time favorite artist. A lot of people know him as “the fireflies guy,” but he actually has a bunch of different projects in many genres!