Top 10 Hidden Gem Furniture Stores for Decorating Your Nashville Apartment

Moving from one apartment to another is far from an easy task. There’s nothing that rewards that initial haul, though, like shopping for new furniture. Once you have all of your belongings stashed away in your Nashville apartment, you can head out to area boutiques and start thinking of how to decorate your new apartment.

Don’t rush straight for the nearest IKEA, though. Why not explore the local furniture gems that Nashville has to offer instead? Not only can you bring a touch of Tennessee into your home, but you may just find the perfect home furniture set at a fraction of a big box store’s price.

Finding Your Nashville Home

Shopping in Nashville is never a hardship. You may still want to know where your new apartment is located, however, in comparison to many of these hidden boutiques. With that in mind, consider which of Nashville’s many neighborhoods you’ll want to visit while furnishing your new digs.

Some of the best stops to shop at include:

  •     12 South
  •     The Gulch
  •     North Nashville
  •     West End
  •     The Hermitage
  •     Music Row
  •     Marathon Village
  •     German Town
  •     Belmont

Make sure to plan your shopping trip with Nashville traffic in mind! Traveling from one end of the city in search of the best home accents is fun, but it can rapidly introduce you to the quirks of living in one of Tennessee’s most populous cities.

10 Furniture Stores for Decorating Your New Apartment

Once you’ve settled into a Nashville apartment — or mapped out your shopping plans for the day — it’ll be all the easier to find some of these hidden gem furniture outlets.

Maxi B. Home

150 Pewitt Drive, Brentwood TN

The rise of cottagecore has transformed social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Everyone wants a little touch of the wild in their apartment. Luckily, a boutique like Maxi B. Home can provide just that.

Maxi B. Home is a locally-owned Nashville boutique that hosts an inventory of art nouveau furniture and designs. If you’re looking for vintage pieces to add a touch of class to your apartment, there’s no better place to find what you’re looking for.

With that being said, Maxi B. Home does not want modernity. Talk with one of the floor staff to explore the current array of local releases. You’ll find simple lines throughout the Maxi B. Home inventory, which means that you can balance your more unique finds with practical pieces. All it takes is a little bit of exploring!

Before you know it, the Maxi B. Home staff can help you to craft the ideal look for your Nashville apartment.

Merridian Home Furnishings

2909 Sidco Drive, Nashville TN

Merridian Home Furnishings is on the larger side for a Nashville boutique, but that size is hardly a downside. This outlet lets you explore any and all types of furniture kits you may be interested in, from bedroom arrangements to unbelievable sideboards.

If you’re not sure what kind of style you want to build out in your apartment, don’t worry. Merridian Home Furnishing has you covered. The Nashville shop can put you in touch with local designers who can help you maximize your space.

Shop consultations take one hour and can help you determine which elements of the Merridian inventory you want to bring home with you.


2104 Crestmoor Road, Nashville TN

Looking to bring a little bit of international wilderness into your Nashville apartment? Then Nadeau is the boutique for you! Nadeau specializes in connecting locals with wooden furniture from all over the world.

Known as “furniture with a soul,” Nadeau’s catalog includes pieces from Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Explore ottomans, console tables, trunks, and even artful lighting fixtures. The style here is hyper-modern but practical. Adventurous apartment designers shopping here can flex their muscles and bring statement pieces back home.

Ashley Meier Linens | Interiors

2146 Bandywood Drive, Nashville TN

Opened in 2016, Ashley Meier Linens and Interiors is a modern furniture staple. While you may not find many antiques in this outlet, you will find up-to-date, eco-friendly furniture designed to make any Nashville apartment feel vogue.

Ashley Meier breaks its catalog down by room. As you browse through the shop, you’ll have the chance to explore different furniture sets and individual pieces based on the space in your apartment that you’re most interested in upgrading.

If you’re interested in some of the outlet’s additional services, let a store representative know. Not only can you benefit from a designer’s assessment of your apartment, but the outlet also offers custom furniture and upholstery work.

Riverside Franklin

144 Bridge Street, Franklin TN

Located just outside of Nashville, TN, Riverside Franklin takes you away from the bustle of the city. Locally owned and operated, Riverside Franklin is a product of the Lynch family.

Riverside Franklin’s byline is “Casual Elegance,” and that style is reflected across their catalog. Their 10,000-square-foot showroom boasts living room sets, art, and antique furniture that’s been restored to the point where it shines.

Explore a spread of light colors, but don’t think that you’re limited for options. While Riverside Franklin’s floor specialists can help you mix and match your furniture options, they celebrate your choice to bring home pieces that speak specifically to you.

Sanders Furniture

5000 Charlotte Ave, Nashville TN

A Nashville staple, Sanders Furniture has served newcomers to the city for nearly 50 years. Store owners Tim and Randy pride themselves on their family-friendly approach to furniture sales, ensuring that everyone looking to update their Nashville apartment has access to comfortable furniture at an affordable price.

When you shop at Sanders Furniture, you gain access to several name-brand living room sets, dining kits, and mattresses. This includes sets released by:

  •     Ashley Furniture
  •     Kith Furniture
  •     Simmons
  •     MLily
  •     Fusion Furniture
  •     Windermere Chair Lifts
  •     Catnapper

No matter what kind of style you want to cultivate in your appointment, Sanders Furniture will help you find the essentials you need.

Bliss Home

2711 8th Avenue, Nashville TN

First established in 2003, Bliss Home came to life outside of Nashville in Knoxville. The popularity of the store in Knoxville saw owners Scott Schimmel and Lisa Sorensen open an additional outlet in Nashville — and it’s been thriving ever since.

While you’re invited to browse the shop’s online catalog, there’s nothing quite like walking into its Nashville location. Here, you’ll find rolls upon rolls of unique rugs to install in your new apartment. On top of that, you can take your time browsing dressers, bed frames, and table sets done up in both modern and antique styles.

Bliss’s wide array of available products makes it ideal for new residents who don’t quite know what their style is yet. Explore Bliss’s inventory and let the ideas flow. Before you know it, you’ll have an idea of what you want your Nashville home to look like.

Good Wood Nashville

1307 Dickerson Pike, Nashville TN

Any Nashville newcomers who are fond of the rustic look will want to make their way to Good Wood Nashville.

Dave Puncochar opened this boutique in 2012 after starting it out of his garage. Since then, he and his team have retained that home-grown business sense while transitioning into traditional commercial work.

Nowadays, he and the Good Wood Nashville team specialize in providing locals with custom and premade accent pieces.

Make your way out to Good Wood Nashville to shop seating, wooden antiques, signage, shelving, and tables.

Epiphany Design Studio

4092 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville TN

If you’re the type of person that loves DIY projects and home customization, then Epiphany Design Studio is the furniture outlet for you. This studio keeps a catalog of furniture at the ready but primarily offers its designer services to anyone looking to radically transform their apartment.

Enjoy access to striking light fixtures, hand-crafted bars, and modern living and dining sets. Designer and proprietor, Julie Goad, is at the ready to help uncertain shoppers find the pieces that will make their apartment best reflect their taste.

Pre to Post Modern

2110 8th Avenue South, Nashville TN

Pre to Post Modern furniture outlet is new enough to the Nashville scene that it still uses its Facebook page to advertise the bulk of its furniture catalog. With that being said, it is well-loved by the locals who have already discovered it. Specializing in vintage furniture and art, Pre to Post Modern is the ideal furniture boutique for shoppers with an older touch.

Browse their Facebook page and discover uniquely shaped lamps, restored wooden furniture, and a plethora of strange statement pieces designed to start conversations in any household.

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