How to Elevate Your Space With Decor For Your Nashville Apartment

Decor can make a world of difference to an apartment. If done wrong, it can create a vibe and aesthetic that isn’t quite right. However, if done right, decor has the potential to seriously elevate your space. Even if you’re just renting your Nashville apartment, there are things you can do to make your space look and feel more like your home, and ensure that it suits your style and aesthetic.

Of course, how you choose to decorate your space is personal. There are so many different styles, colors, furniture choices, and aesthetics to choose from. But no matter what your own personal sense of style might be, there are certain decor decisions you can make that will elevate your Nashville apartment to new decorative heights.

Get Colorful with your Nashville Apartment

Color is a very personal decision. Some people stick solely to shades of white or neutrals, while others can’t get enough color. Trust your instincts with color and choose options that make you feel good. Color has the power to change the mood of your Nashville apartment, so it’s an important decision!

Neutral walls are a safe option that will allow you to be creative and colorful with other aspects of your apartment’s design. But if neutrals are too boring for you, consider trying accent walls, earth tones, or even going with a monochromatic vibe. If you’re really playful, you can even try some fun wallpaper, which works as an excellent accent wall in a living room or dining space.

Remember, if you live in a small apartment or have some smaller rooms, be smart about your color choices when it comes to painting the walls. Darker colors can really close up a small room even more, making it feel stuffy. Light colors help to expand the room and make it feel larger and airier.

Put Thought Into Your Art

Art is another very personal decor option. Everyone has different art tastes, and you should certainly go with art that you, personally, love. That being said, there are a few art tips you could try to elevate your Nashville apartment.

Most people have plenty of art in traditional mediums such as canvas and print art. However, consider playing around with different types of art mediums to switch up the decor and bring interest to your Nashville apartment. Sculptures and digital art, for example, can add a really interesting twist to any room.

When choosing and placing your art, play around with the lighting options to create the right vibe and illuminate art that you want to show off.

Utilize Your Decor as Storage

If you live in a Nashville apartment, you might find yourself a little short on space. But not to worry, having a bit less room doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality, interesting decor. There are plenty of storage options that double as decor, too. Consider ideas such as beautiful shelving illuminated with interesting lights. It works as a storage solution while also adding a creative, attractive aesthetic.

Add Depth, Layers, and Interest

Adding layers of light, texture, and storage to your Nashville apartment are some of the easiest and most effective ways to elevate it. You can instantly add style, focus, and visual interest by being creative with depth, layers, and lighting. In a space that would otherwise simply be illuminated, choose a lighting piece that serves both as task and mood lighting.

Pay Attention to The Small Details

Good decor is all about a complete effect. If you want to elevate your Nashville apartment to new heights, don’t forget about the small details that make all the difference. Decorate wall to wall, leaving no space out. This doesn’t mean your apartment needs to look cluttered or too full, but it does make sure your decor job looks complete. Remember the little things such as beautiful bedding, flowers and plants, or coffee table books. The small accents can make a huge difference.

Decorating a smaller space such as an apartment can feel like a challenge, but there’s no reason why small spaces can’t look incredible. Even if your Nashville apartment isn’t necessarily small, you can still elevate it to new heights with these simple decor tips. It doesn’t matter if you own your apartment or are renting, a little bit of thought and effort put into your decor can turn your Nashville apartment into the home you’ve always dreamed of.

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